Pag Cheese

Pag Cheese – Gligora Diary

Gourmand experts and all lovers of good food agree that the cheese from the island of Pag – Pag Cheese – is one of the best cheeses in Croatia and the world and that the Pag cheese produced „in the heart of the island“on the Kolan meadows is the best on the island of Pag

Pag cheese is cheese produced from the milk of sheep which graze on the hilly pastures that are rich with aromatic plants. These plants are exposed to salt because of the frequent strong winds. This kind of pasture is what makes the specific and recognizable aroma of the Pag cheese..

Pag lamb

Pag lamb

Lamb is prepared in several ways on the island of Pag: cooked, grilled, spit-roasted, under a baking lid, in a bread oven, in an ordinary oven. In every way it is special and excellent.

The Pag lambs never live in closed areas. They spend their entire short life in the open. They nurse on the milk which has all the values summarized in the legendary Pag cheese. Soon after they are born, they feed on combined greenery and young grass which sprouts under the spring rain, under the warmth of the sun which announces the coming of spring and which is temporarily salted under the strikes of the bora. It is well known that Pag lamb was enjoyed by crowned royalty in some European castles.

Pag curd (skuta)

Since the milk of the Pag lamb is too rich in milk fat, after the cheese is made, the whey which is left is heated, with moderate mixing, until it boils. While it is boiling, the whey releases another cheese which we on Pag call SKUTA (curd). It is soft and creamy and is eaten as a spread or filling in cakes and pancakes. The whey with the curd left in it was used as a drink while the whey without curd was given to the pigs which in turn gave special Pag prosciutto, another specialty of the island of Pag.

Restaurants - Taverns

Tavern Giardin Kolan

In the area of the Mandre and Kolan (3.5 km from Mandre), you can enjoy a few taverns - restaurants, which offer is based on seasonal and local products such as pag's cheese, lamb etc.